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DIY Outdoor Movie Theater

n 2014 my wife and I took on a project to build an outdoor movie theater and have some neighbors over to watch movies and enjoy the summer evenings. It started out as small weekend project that grew. I started out with a small screen and some cheap outdoor speakers. As the number of people showing up for movie night grew so did the theater.

In 2016 I expanded to a 200 watt per channel amp and I found some old Kenwood speakers on Craig’s list and upgraded my screen. I wanted to make the theater permanent, so we did not have to break it down every night. I found Rubberizeit Dura-Rubber and coated the speakers with the rubber - that was three winters ago, and everything is holding up great! I have the amp hooked up to the Wi-Fi so I can listen to music any time (like last fall when raking leaves).

We now do movies every Saturday night and have 30-40 people – sometimes we do a potluck. We live in the country on acreage so we can crank up the volume with no one to bother. Besides, all the neighbors are at movie night!

Great product and great support.

Thanks Ernie B

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