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Waterproofing Deck

Dear Rubberize It,

I need two more batches!

Last year we built the front deck on our cedar home in rainy/snowy Oregon. We wanted this to be finished on the underside with a bead board ceiling and integrated lights as this above the main entrance to our the house.

In order to divert the water from going through the deck and into my ceiling, I had to make a slightly pitched roof between the deck and ceiling with hidden scuppers and drip edges to channel the water safely away.

I had read how-to articles and was planning to lay down EDPM rubber but I faced lots of challenges with that route. Between having a pitched roof, vertical walls and inside corners, I would have had to fold and tuck the rubber sheet into corners, pleat creases, and overlap pieces to seal and dress entire surface of the roof.

Challenge number two would have been rolling the whole thing up in order to be able to glue it down and then roll it out without air pockets/bunching as I go. Tough enough for a small crew, impossible as a one man project.

Challenge number three was finding a piece of rubber that was big enough and yet not 1,000 sq ft.. I could not find a vendor that would sell me enough for just a 100 sq ft area.

Rubberize It! liquid rubber coating was the perfect solution for me. By painting the bonding layer up my walls, into my corners, and down my pitches there was no folding, pleating, or splicing I needed to do and it made one integral coating. Next I laid down my mesh, since this is thin mesh and not a water impervious sheet, I could just lay it and push it into my bonding layer and it created a continuous layer across my entire surface and all my abutments.

Next I painted on two layers of rubber and I had one continuous rubber coating envelop without any joints or overlapping.

On top of my rubberized roof I was able to lay down the deck and under my rubber roof I have a dry zone with exterior light cans and power in my ceiling. I did lay down strips of rubber between my roof surface and deck sleepers just so the deck structure wasn't sitting directly on my membrane, but instead is floating thin strips of rubber.

The job turned out great and I had zero waste.

This year I need to build two more decks on opposite corners of the house. Two more batches of Rubberize It! liquid rubber please.

Thank you for providing me this great solution that fit my custom project.

Sincerely, KP

DIY Deck coating Rubberizeit

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