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If you’re in need of a multi-purpose solution to protect your property against weather damage, hazardous chemicals, and daily wear and tear, Dura-Rubber liquid rubber coating is a fast-working, single-part sealant that’s both tough enough for professional use and easy enough for anyone to apply.

Dura-Rubber a 100% waterproof and resistant to most everyday chemicals, including diesel and chlorine. Dura-Rubber is used in hundreds different applications from department of defense shipping containers, Koi ponds and gym floor mats. Dura-Rubber it is a truly versatile product. While it’s tough as an epoxy it is easy to use as a latex paint. It can be cleaned up easily by lightly scrubbing it with just soap and warm water before its dry. Dura-Rubber is engineered to have a low impact on the environment and is 100% safe to handle even without the use of gloves or a respirator. The liquid rubber waterproofing and sealing process couldn’t be simpler, and with hundreds of different colors to choose from, you’ll always end up with a clean, effective, and appealing final product. Come see what you can do with Rubberizeit Dura-Rubber.

Rubber metal coating


Basement waterproofing


Canvas boat waterproofing

Canvas Boats


Dura-Rubber Liquid Rubber For kitchen fllors


Liquid Rubber Coating For Ponds


Liquid Rubber For Automotive


Rubber Coating For roof


Rubber Coating For Aquaponics Waterproofing


Liquid Rubber Waterproofing For icf blocks


Tool rubber dip

Rubber Dip

Rubberizeit Liquid Rubber For Swimming Pools


Rubberizeit coating for diy aquariums


Liquid Rubber Coating For Commercial Building


deck waterproofing


deck waterproofing


deck waterproofing


deck waterproofing


deck waterproofing


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1 Gallon (Dura-Rubber)
1 Gallon (Dura-Rubber)

1 Gallon (Dura-Rubber)

1 Gallon Kit (Dura-Rubber)
1 Gallon Kit (Dura-Rubber)

1 Gallon Kit (Dura-Rubber)

Floor Kit (Dura-Rubber)
Floor Kit (Dura-Rubber)

Floor Kit (Dura-Rubber)

5 Gallon (Dura-Rubber)
5 Gallon (Dura-Rubber)

5 Gallon (Dura-Rubber)

Flood Protection 

I first purchased rubberizeit over 5 years ago to protect our house in Louisiana from the flooding.Every year Rita and I would have to dry out carpet and fix damaged drywall from flooding.I removed 12” of siding and replaced it with cement board and waterproofed it with rubberizeit. For five years our house has been dry. I painted my house this year and the rubberizeit I put on five years ago was black I purchased a five of rubberizeit and they were able to tint it to match my house.Thank you Mr Paul  

Customer image

Lloyd & Rita Landry 

Pebble Tec Pool & Spa Coating

I I had the opportunity to work the rubberizeit team. They are in Oregon and I am I Texas. I was looking to refresh my pool/spa via high end paint vs a costly re-plaster. Their paint was a perfect solution. I needed 20-25 gallons to get two full coats. Although there was a small snag with my initial order the rubberizeit customer service team jumped into action and handled all my questions and even provided additional paint to resolve the earlier snag with the initial order. Impressed with the product and the company.

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Steve Bacon 

Kitchen Floor

We are owners of a new restaurant and were in need of a new kitchen floor after previous years of intense abuse. After Paul recommended his new product, we decided it was the best option. We appreciate this products’ durability and resilience to hot oil, liquids and industrial cleaners. Our commercial kitchen floor is in use 17 hours a day, 6 days a week. 

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Nathan, Isaac and Jordan
Moco Restaurant

Aquarium Build 

After many weeks of research and debate, Rubberizeit was the obvious choice for my 240 gallon African Cichlid tank. This was my first attempt at containing a literal ton of water in my house, and I wasn't going to make it harder with some 2-part epoxy nightmare. After a year and a half, my hardwood floors have not seen a drop of water. I was amazed at the ease of application while building, and still admire it's durability to this day. Needless to say, I have already placed another order for my upcoming 500 gallon build. Thank you for your superior product!

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Ryan Moore

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