Rubberizeit!™ Liquid Rubber

Rubberizeit™ Dura-Rubber is multi-application, non-toxic, UV stable, waterproof liquid rubber coating. Unlike typical elastomeric coatings that do not perform well when immersed in water for an extended time, Dura-Rubber can handle 100% immersion as when used in pond applications. Our product has low VOCs and very little odor, unlike liquid epdm and Flexseal that require a respirator during application. There are many liquid rubber products on the market that promote that they are chemical resistant, but they are only resistant to some non-petroleum-based products. Dura-Rubber is resistant to a range of petroleum products like diesel and oil as well as cleaning chemicals and animal fats. This makes Dura-Rubber an excellent choice for a restaurant floor coating or roof coating. Rubberizeit™ Dura-Rubber is a versatile flexible coating with a wide range of applications (see below). For the many applications please see the Use Chart for your specific application instruction. Use Chart

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  • Product Description
    Dura-Rubber is a tough water/air tight chemical resistant single part coating. A seamless waterproof coating that protects against corrosion water damage.
  • Available in Quarts, Ones, Fives, 55 gallon drums and totes.
  • Liquid Rubber Roof Coating Roofing

    Dura-Rubber™ roofing rubber is a great for patching a leaky roof or use a roof coating to extend the life of your current roof. Our roofing rubber stands apart from our competitors: low VOCs.

    Liquid Rubber for RV Roof RV Roof Coating

    Rubberizeit™ Dura-Rubber for Liquid RV roof coating is a non toxic liquid applied RV rubber roof for RV roof repair that provides permanent restoration for TPO, EPDM, and many other.

    Liquid Rubber Fence Coating Wood Fence

    Non-toxic liquid rubber coating on your wood fence post prevents rot without having to use toxic lumber treated with chromated copper arsenate (known as CCA)

    Liquid Rubber for Concrete Concrete

    Dura-Rubber Liquid Rubber is an excellent coating for ICF (insulated concrete forms) many other concrete waterproofing applications. Contains no petroleum, is non-toxic, low odor.

    Liquid Rubber For Your Garden

    Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber allows you to turn just about any container into a garden planter! Have an old can or unique metal container? Old wooden box? Old clay pots or just looking to make your own wood garden planter.

    Liquid Rubber Around The Farm

    Rubberizeit™ Dura-Rubber Liquid Rubber coating for agricultural & farms. For your barn, horse stalls, rubber roof coating and farm equipment paint.

    Liquid Rubber Pool Blue Paint


    Liquid Rubber For Aquaponics

    Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber liquid rubber can be used for so many purposes that a gardener is only limited by his or her imagination. For example, Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber make building custom hydroponic or aquaponic systems a snap.

    Liquid Rubber Equine Applications

    Liquid Rubber For Your Pond

    Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber is perfect for ponds, water gardens, aquaponics and water features. One of the most important features of Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber is that it is UV stable. UV rays penetrate water and in some cases become stronger thus deteriorating pond coatings that are only UV resistant.

    Liquid Rubber Swamp Cooler Coating

    The only thing you need to repair your leaky swamp cooler pan. Use our non-toxic, water based liquid rubber which requires no special catalyst. Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber Is low VOC and stops rust in its tracks. Once the material sets up and completely cures it forms a permanent seal containing the water inside your swamp cooler pan.