Dura-Rubber coating for ponds
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Dura-Rubber Pond Kit
Dura-Rubber Pond Kit

Dura-Rubber Pond Kit


Dura-Rubber Pond Kit

Dura-Rubber Pond Kit
Dura-Rubber Pond Kit


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Liquid Rubber Pond Liner

Dura-Rubber is a water-based, single-part liquid rubber pond liner that can be used to secure the surfaces of concrete, wood, or stone fish ponds and water features. Dura-Rubber is particularly well suited to pond applications because its real rubber base makes the sealant 100% waterproof. While similar pond coating products will gradually breakdown once they are submerged, our flexible liquid rubber pond liner easily curves into cracks, where it holds strong season after season. Dura-Rubber is also free of harmful chemicals and Low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds),  it poses no risk to fish or plants. Apply it easily with a paintbrush, paint-roller, or spray nozzle and you’ll have a durable and presentable finished pond waterproof coating product in no time at all!

Dura-Rubber™ is UV Stable – keep in mind, there is a difference between UV “Resistant” and UV “Stable” A UV “Stable” unlike pond paint  products Dura-Rubber is suitable for applications which require long-term exposure to direct sunlight and have a minimum of a 10 year lifespan. In harsh environments, UV Resistant products typically fail after 2-3 years.

Rubberizeit™ Dura-Rubber™ is a water-based single part liquid rubber. It requires no catalyst to activate or cure like pond epoxy. Once the water evaporates, only the non-toxic rubber coating is left behind and takes approximately 3-5 days to fully cure (depending on temperature and humidity).

No special protective equipment is required when applying Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber™. We do recommend gloves, protective eye wear and wearing of long sleeved shirts and long pants because it is extremely difficult to remove once the liquid rubber has dried. Rubber that is still in liquid form can be removed with standard soap and water.

Dura-Rubber™ pond coating products bond to most construction materials.

It is a seamless waterproof coating that protects against corrosion, water damage and chemicals.

It elongates 400% with 80% recovery and does not crack like pond epoxy.

Dura-Rubber™ is a sealant that withstands thermal cycling.

Dura-Rubber is resistant to most chemicals.

Reinforcement Fabric
Reinforcement Fabric
Reinforcement Fabric
Reinforcement Fabric
Reinforcement Fabric

Reinforcement Fabric

DO YOU NEED FABRIC? Polyester reinforcement fabric is required at all inside and outside corners, seams, and penetrations for all waterproofing applications. See application instructions.

1 Gallon All Purpose Primer Rubberizeit
1 Gallon All Purpose Primer Rubberizeit
All Purpose Primer

All Purpose Primer

Dura-Rubber sticks well to most properly prepared surfaces such as concrete, metal, and wood. Primer is recommended when applying over other products, metal that has been profiled, and built-up or rolled roofing applications. 

Contact sales for questions regarding your application.

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