Waterproof Primer


Coverage: 200-300 sf per gallon depending on application.
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Application Coverage Requirements

Your average printer paper is 3.5 to 4mil thick and the average coat of Dura-Rubber applied is about 3-5 mil with a maximum of 10mil per coat.

*Coverage Per Gallon Dura-Rubber:

       5mil = 260sf

      10mil =130sf

       20mil = 65sf

       30mil = 43sf

       40mil = 32sf

*No matter how thick of a coat you apply a minimum of two coats is always required. Primer coverage is 300sf per gallon 1 coat required.

Minimum coverages for Dura-Rubber.

    Swimming pools and ponds:

        Waterproofing 20-25mil

        Color Coat 10mil

    Concrete floor or patio:

         Waterproofing 20-25mil

         Color Coat 15mil


         Flat 20-30mil

         Metal 10mil

         Color Coat on metal 5-10mil  

    Plywood Aquariums:


Most basic applications that do not require heavy durability and water saturation can be applied at about 10mil.

Keep in mind the thicker the coat the more durable it will be.

Suggested Dry Times

       45°F-60°F/50% Relative Humidity – Outdoors – 12 hours per coat

       65°F-75°F – Indoors – 2-3 hours per coat-1-2

       60°F+/50% Relative Humidity - Outdoors – 1-2 hours per coat

       60°F+/50% Relative Humidity - In shade – 2-3 hours per coat

Once dry the Dura-Rubber can be exposed to light to moderate traffic and water. (Not Submerged in water)

Cure time (This is different from dry time) is 5-7 days. This is required when submerged in water like a pool or pond and exposed to heavy chemicals.

Application Coverage Requirements

Other Applications Reinforcement fabric:

Reinforcement Fabric is required when water proofing on all 90-degree corners, seams, penetrations and transitions of dissimilar materials. There is a we carry a 6” wide material for this application.

It can also be used for improving durability, buildup of material and for excessive cracks or seams. With fabric you can get a 30mil+ coat with a two-step application. 

Rubber Aggerate:

Aggerate can be added to Dura-Rubber to increase durability, increase buildup and extend coverage. Aggerate comes in 1 Quart and 4 Quart packages.

Mixing rate:

   Non-Skid 1-2 quarts per gallon of Dura-Rubber.

   Heavy Buildup 2-3 quarts per gallon of Dura-Rubber. 

Application Instructions PDF's


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