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        University of California Homeless Shelter Project

        ECO VILLAGE PROJECT OF FRESNO A Green Solution to Homelessness

        The Eco Village Project of Fresno provides safe and dignified living spaces in an environmentally sustainable manner, giving each resident the educational, emotional and physical tools, caring support and training to escape the cycle of homelessness.

        The ECO Village project of Fresno with the help of The University of California at Fresno’s school of Architecture and the school of Construction Management. Designed and built a prototype homeless shelter to be used in the Fresno ECO Village. Currently pre-manufactured sheds have been used.

        This will be the first designed and built specifically for homeless shelters. Designed as a transitional housing solution for the homeless only available on a weekly basis.

        One of the design criteria is easy maintenance. The interior would need to be cleaned and disinfected weekly. To do this the interior was totally waterproofed using Dura-Rubber. All corners and seams had reinforcement fabric applied. The interior was coated with 20mils of Dura-Rubber and a drain was installed in one corner of the shelter. Using the Dura-Rubber they were able to add color to the interior that was durable and waterproof.