Thanks again for your help. I appreciate your customer service. Among the best business models .

Jean Green Bean

This is the new product from Rubberizeit and it is EVEN BETTER than their universal. Still non-toxic and easy to apply, but this is cheaper (more coverage per sf) and comes in black or white (which you can tint)! Same great service too. I called and got a very helpful person (Ray, I think) that helped me calculate how much I needed and the best way to apply to my horse obstacles project to provide sealing to the wood and traction. Because it is thicker, you can create a smooth finish or "ridges" in it that allow for non-slip. Also added some sand to rough it up. I ordered more than I needed because I knew I'd find another use if had some left over. Coated an old metal water trough that one of the horses kicked and then it leaked at the seam :( - it sealed it nicely and I have a "new" tank! I ordered some a while back in white and tinted it to match my barn colors and painted the tops of the fence posts in my arena where the wood started to rot. I can think of a ton more uses. I will always have some on hand to coat or repair. Thanks for providing a great product with great service!

Mike G

Pizza Oven Coating

Finally the outdoor kitchen is done tinting worked perfectly.

Thank you for the help

Kenny P.

Rubberize It! liquid rubber coating was the perfect solution for me. By painting the bonding layer up my walls, into my corners, and down my pitches there was no folding, pleating, or splicing I needed to do and it made one integral coating. Next I laid down my mesh, since this is thin mesh and not a water impervious sheet, I could just lay it and push it into my bonding layer and it created a continuous layer across my entire surface and all my abutments.

This year I need to build two more decks on opposite corners of the house. Two more batches of Rubberize It! liquid rubber please. Thank you for providing me this great solution that fit my custom project.

Sincerely, KP


Hi Paul the boat is finished and I am impressed with the Rubberizeit paint. It is a tough finish I am very happy with the results.


Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!! loved it !!!!!!!! It went on easy looks good i am very happy if you ever need a good referral hit me up, thank you again.


Loved the product! Went on great and built up nicely. I'm sold. Thanks for the personal attention and guidance.

Nathan, Isaac and Jordan

Moco Restaurant

We are owners of a new restaurant and were in need of a new kitchen floor after previous years of intense abuse. After Paul recommended his new product, we decided it was the best option. We appreciate this products’ durability and resilience to hot oil, liquids and industrial cleaners.

Our commercial kitchen floor is in use 17 hours a day, 6 days a week. With no signs of wearing, ‘Rubberize It’ is the most durable product for the money. The existing floor was in terrible condition and our options for replacement were too expensive and would have taken a lot of time.

Rubberize it was the perfect solution. Quick and relatively easy application with minimal preparation. If you can paint a wall, you can install this product. As a previous contractor I wish I had discovered this product sooner. The waterproofing applications are endless from roofs to outdoor patio space/decks, to truck beds and even hand tools. We are so thankful for Paul’s knowledge, his product and his ability to apply in a professional manner.

We would recommend this product to anyone. There are endless options for this product and we intend to use Rubberize it for several upcoming projects.

Dave M

Hi Morgan paint
These are the pictures of the boat build.
Dave M


Perfect transaction in every way! Thank You

Michael Clauser


Ernie B

In 2014 my wife and I took on a project to build an outdoor movie theater and have some neighbors over to watch movies and enjoy the summer evenings. It started out as small weekend project that grew. I started out with a small screen and some cheap outdoor speakers. As the number of people showing up for movie night grew so did the theater.

In 2016 I expanded to a 200 watt per channel amp and I found some old Kenwood speakers on Craig’s list and upgraded my screen. I wanted to make the theater permanent, so we did not have to break it down every night. I found Rubberizeit Dura-Rubber and coated the speakers with the rubber - that was three winters ago, and everything is holding up great! I have the amp hooked up to the Wi-Fi so I can listen to music any time (like last fall when raking leaves).

We now do movies every Saturday night and have 30-40 people – sometimes we do a potluck. We live in the country on acreage so we can crank up the volume with no one to bother. Besides, all the neighbors are at movie night!

Great product and great support.


Ernie B

Marcia Ann Mighell

So far I am very satisfied with Rubberizeit! This product had easy to follow directions and went on very smooth and easy. Waiting for the curing to finish then I'll see if it holds water. The customer service is great as I can email questions at anytime and get quick answers.

Korey Chaffee

Great item. Worked like a dream.

Ryan Moore  

After many weeks of research and debate, Rubberizeit was the obvious choice for my 240 gallon African Cichlid tank. This was my first attempt at containing a literal ton of water in my house, and I wasn't going to make it harder with some 2-part epoxy nightmare.

After a year and a half, my hardwood floors have not seen a drop of water. I was amazed at the ease of application while building, and still admire it's durability to this day. Needless to say, I have already placed another order for my upcoming 500 gallon build.

Thank you for your superior product!


Great Product

Judith S Carter

great product

M. Ferguson

Easy to use. Smelly but I sprayed it with Fabreeze Carter it dried and the smell we not away. Asked the seller a question and got a fast answer.

Curt Webber

Works great in the baptistery

Barry & Cindy

We have used Dura-rubber for a number of projects around the house & love the product. We've used it as a waterproof coating on the inside of planter & garden boxes to help protect the wood, and to create a durable & easy-to-clean surface on the floor of our garage & cargo trailer. And great that it's non-toxic.

Jim (Texas)

When used properly, this product is kick-ass!


This is an excellent product. This is an excellent product. It is non-toxic, works as advertised and very easy to apply; My plywood aquarium has been running close to two years now without issues. You'll be amazed at the versatility of this product, I even used on my work boots and to repair/patch pretty much anything. I always have a gallon handy. I have recommended this product to members of an aquatic forum and they have been equally pleased with the results. Thank you Paul and the rest of the friendly and knowledgeable staff for accommodating my orders even in small quantities and top-notch customer service. Noel / Guam


The warm weather has run-out here in the N.E. but I did get a chance to apply some of the Rubberizit to the areas I had wrote to you about the stuff works... Gerry IT Operations Bed Bath & Beyond

Gerald S

I want to thank you for the development of Rubberizeit Dura-Rubber We purchased this house 10 years ago. One of the features my spouse liked was the fountain at the end of the driveway. The disclosure statement said the fountain leaked. Being an engineer, there is no problem too big. When we filled it and started the pump, the fountain leaked so bad, it was out of water in 3 hours. I contacted the mason who built it, and he said it should be torn down and redone properly. He indicated when the previous owner wanted it made, she wanted it made out of rock, using the concrete driveway for the bottom. He informed her that it would develop cracks and start leaking. He recommended building it around a tank, but she wanted the rock look inside and out. He indicated it worked for about a year and started leaking. He tried using a concrete sealer but it failed after about a month. The lady died a year later, and we ended up with it. Over the years we have tried plastering the interior and using pool paint, but it always cracked and failed. A contractor had tried fiber-glassing the interior, but as soon as the sun hit the fountain and the rock expanded, it cracked also. I saw Rubberizeit in a do-it your-self magazine, and thought I would give it a try. I blasted the inside to remove any previous materials. I used the tape on all the rock joints and most of the floor. I used two gallons of Rubberizeit, and kept coating it until you could not determine where the tape was used. I also used Rubberizeit on the top of the edge to make sure rain water would not leak down any of the top rock joints and behind the coating. Well, we filled the fountain and it has not leaked through two cycles of hot and cold weather. The pictures show the fountain after the application, and the video shows it operating. Thank you for this fantastic product. It saved me the high cost of tearing it down and having a new one built. Again Thanks, Gerald S.

Rachel Preece

Very prompt on my questions Went above and beyond on the answers.

MaryAnn Goodwyn

Great customer service The customer reviews would me on this. Easy to use. Smelly but I sprayed it with Fabreeze Carter it dried and the smell we not away. Asked the seller a question and got a fast answer.

Susan Whitfield

Fabulous product Fabulous customer service. Additional product was hand-delivered to me in Mexico! Only product I could use on deteriorating metal shower base in vintage trailer. Used product on shower & rest of bathroom floor, walls, & ceiling! Sealed holes, cracks, masonite walls in shower. Waterproof, painted over it on bath walls beautifully! Will use it for many many more projects!

Robert Hall

This stuff is amazing and when you start using it you will find many uses!!!