When you need long-lasting protection at your home, business, or campus from the elements, chemicals, or simple wear and tear there aren’t a lot of great solutions. The most popular products on the market are toxic enough that you have to wear a respirator when applying them. Some aren’t even waterproof. Most also only give one choice when it comes to color, black. Many of these other products have to be frequently reapplied and they are easily break down underwater.

 Dura-Rubber is the next generation in rubber sealant technology.

Organizations from fire departments to universities are finding that they love using Dura-Rubber. Unlike the alternatives, Dura-Rubber: is actually made from rubber

  • Is safe to apply
  • Is 100% waterproof
  • Is resistant to most chemicals
  • Is tough enough for professionals and easy enough to use for everyone

  Made From Real Rubber

Many products Flex Seal and even Liquid Rubber are not actually made from rubber. Instead they are synthetic chemical blends are either a modified asphalt, acrylic, or a polyurethane. But, Dura-Rubber is made from real rubber just like your tires, the soles of your shoes. This makes a big difference because Dura-Rubber won’t breakdown like these other chemical mixtures when submerged in water or exposed to chemicals like diesel. Because it is made from real rubber it is also safer to use.

 Safe to Apply

Unlike other products on the market, you don’t need a respirator when applying Dura-Rubber. It is safe to use and apply. Dura-Rubber has considerably less odor than other products because it isn’t beginning to breakdown upon exposure to the elements like other products.

Dura-Rubber is better for the environment and won’t leach off toxic chemicals. It is engineered to last.

 100% Waterproof

Dura-Rubber lasts, even when completely submerged in water. Fire departments use it to coat areas where they wash fire trucks because it’s easy to clean and the water doesn’t affect it. Professional pool installers even use Dura-Rubber for swimming pool bottoms.

Just think if Dura-Rubber is good enough for the bottom of a pool or for a fire department, it is good enough to fix a leak in your roof or to coat your deck with. The applications are limitless.

 Dura-Rubber is available in Hundreds of colors.

One of the big problems with other types of sealants is that they are ugly. You want to hide them. You would never use them in your yard on a part of your house or business that is visible. But, Dura-Rubber comes in just about any  color you want. 

 You get a product that works great and looks great.

 Resistant to Most Chemicals

When you fix something or seal something, you expect that it will stay fixed or sealed. However, many alternative sealants actually begin to breakdown as you apply them. Dura-Rubber is safer and more resistant to everything from the elements to most chemicals such as cleaning solvents, acids, and petroleum products. You can apply Dura-Rubber to the floor of your shop and know that it will last.

 Tough Enough for Professionals—Easy Enough for Everyone

Contractors, fire fighters, and professional installers of all kinds love Dura-Rubber. They love it because it is safe and easy to use and because it lasts. It is tough. It will hold up for years These professionals know that when they use Dura-Rubber the job will get done right the first time.

But, Dura-Rubber isn’t just for professionals. It is so easy and safe to use that you can use it for your weekend DIY projects. You don’t need any fancy equipment to apply it, it comes in any color you can imagine, and once you get it down, it will stay down.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Order of Dura-Rubber in the Color of Your Choice Right Now!