Rubberizeit!™ Liquid Rubber Solutions For Your Roof.

Rubber Roofing Catalog


There are many roofing rubbers on the market, but ours is tint-able to any color and has no VOCs. Dura-Rubber™ is an excellent roof roof coating that is easy to use and provides a durable rubber roofing material that will extend the life of your roof and your maintenance dollars!

Spray On Rubber Roof

Application of our liquid rubber roof material is simple – you can roll it on, brush it on or, for larger projects, spray it on using any airless sprayer. Dura-Rubber™ makes roof waterproofing easy and economical. Our rubber roof coating also saves the environment from the old-fashion torch-down roofs that get torn off and thrown into the landfill.

If you are looking for rubber for roofs of any color you’ve found it with Dura-Rubber™. Unlike our competitors’ roof coating, our secret formula allows for tinting just like you get with house paint! Simply order white and then have your local hardware store tint to match your desired color. You get an attractive, rubber roof coating that will last for years.

There are not any other rubber roofing materials out there today for homeowners or contractors that provide you with roof coating that are this affordable, environmentally friendly, or easy to use – and can be made to match any color! Dura-Rubber™ is the ideal rubber for roofs.


Roof Repairs & Maintenance

Save money on your next flat roofing project with dura-rubber you can phase your project. Most flat roofs fail at the seams and penetrations so phase your project.

First year do all your seams and penetrations using Dura-Rubber and reinforcement fabric. I would recommend doing opposite colors if your roof is black do the prep in white. This way you can make sure you get good coverage and can track the work completed. You can even split this into a two year project buy doing the perimeter and penetrations one year and the seams the following depending on the condition of the roof.

The following year you can spray the entire roof to extend the life this I would do the color of the roof.

If it is a commercial building or a income property you can right off the entire cost each year unlike a new roof that needs to be amortized.


Liquid Rubber Coating for Roof Top Planters

Waterproof you planters make sure you use fabric in the corners and seams.



Application Instructions

Another example of the many uses for Rubberizeit!™ liquid rubber products that are so versatile every handyman, farmer and maintenance man should have a bucket in their shop.