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The characteristics of Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber make it perfect for ponds, water gardens, aquaponics and water features. One of the most important features of Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber is that it is UV stable. UV rays penetrate water and in some cases become stronger thus deteriorating pond coatings that are only UV resistant. When Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber is applied per our Warranty procedures, we will stand behind the coating for up to 5 years.

In addition to ponds Rubberizeit!™ Liquid Rubber Coating Solutions work well with:

  • DIY Plywood Aquariums
  • Quarantine Tanks
  • DIY Bio-Filters
  • Waterfalls & Water Features

Applications over Concrete


Concrete by nature is not only very porous product but also has a tendency to retain moisture for a long period of time. Although it may look dry on the surface there actually is a lot of moisture still inside. Moisture content depends on the relative humidity. Cure time will depend on water- cement ratio. A simple test takes an 18-inch by 18-inch clear plastic sheet and put it over the concrete and seal it on all four sides. After 16 hours, if any moisture or darkening of the concrete surface is found, the concrete is too wet for coating. Make sure the sheet does not come in contact with direct sunlight. You can also use a moisture meter. Keep in mind that moisture meters measure the top inch and concrete dries from the top down moisture levels need to be less than 7%.

Make sure when you apply, all your membrane terminations must be above the water line and dry.

When applying dark rubber coating over the concrete, not only is the surface temperature going to increase due to black color attracting more heat, but you are also completely sealing any moisture trapped within the concrete. When moisture heats up it turns into vapor (Steam). Vapor is trapped by the rubber membrane and as a result bubbles can start to appear.

The bubbles will come and go with the Rise & Fall of the temperature. With the specified thickness of the coating applied, the bubbles will not cause any harm to membrane as long as the membrane has been applied per specifications.

If you have ground water seeping into your pond we do not recommend application of the Rubberizeit!™ Liquid Rubber Coatings. The ground water seeping into your pond will prevent proper curing of the rubber or any coating. The best way to stop the ground water from seeping into your pond is to address the issue prior to construction, from the outside of the concrete wall as you would a foundation.

If you have a previously coated pond you will need to do adhesion test. Take a small piece of fabric and imbed one end to the surface using the product you are applying Dura- Rubber You will be creating a flap you will need to apply two additional coats. Over a 24 hour period do random pull test to check for adhesion. If it does not adhere we recommend you remove the old coating or try roughing it up and repeat the test. You can also check with your local hardware store for a primer that will stick to the old coating. Repeat test to confirm adhesion.

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Dura-Rubber application over concrete.

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