Dura-Rubber liquid rubber in pool blue

swimming pools


Safe to Apply and Made to Last 

Are you looking for a durable, safe, and easy to apply coating for the bottom of your pool?

Dura-Rubber is the perfect solution for your pool bottom needs. Unlike other elastomeric or rubber coatings, Dura-Rubber is designed to handle 100% water immersion without any type of degradation or breakdown.

It has virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOC) making it safe to use for your swimming pool. Unlike other pool bottom alternatives, it is cost effective to apply, tough, resistant to chlorine, and is UV stable.

Best of all with Dura-Rubber you aren’t limited to just blue when it comes to the 

Choose From Over 1,500 Different Colors 

Dura-Rubber is fully compatible with the Benjamin Moore No VOC Tinting System. This means you can choose from over 1,500 hundred different colors when using Dura-Rubber for your pool bottom.

If you want to have the classic pool-blue look, you have hundreds of different shades of blue to choose from. If you want a different color that better matches your décor, branding, or personality, the Benjamin Moore No VOC Tinting System makes it easy to find the perfect color for any situation.

Because you are using Dura-Rubber with Benjamin Moore, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what color you choose your pool bottom is safe and durable. 

Dura-Rubber is Perfect For Your Pool 

Other coatings have higher concentrations of VOCs and have strong odors. You are required to use of a respirator during the application process.
That’s not something you want in your pool.

Because of the low VOC content of Dura-Rubber, it also have very little odor. It is safe and easy to apply and safe to use in any swimming pool.

Unlike many other types of coatings that are only designed for extremely limited uses, Dura-Rubber can take everything from
prolonged chlorine exposure, water immersion, and UV ray exposure without breaking down or fading

In addition to Swimming Pools Dura-Rubber Liquid Rubber Coating Solutions work well with:

Koi Ponds 
Flat Roofs
Auto Applications  
Stock Tanks