Swamp Cooler pan repair with Dura-Rubber

HVAC Applications 


Dura-Rubber the only thing you need to repair your leaky swamp cooler pan. Use our non-toxic, water based liquid rubber products which require no special catalyst or fume protection.  Dura-Rubber is low VOC and stop rust in it’s tracks. Once the material sets up and completely cures it forms a permanent seal protecting your swamp cooler pan.

Use the reinforcement cloth to seal small holes and around any older penetrations. This will add additional strength to ensure these areas are watertight and do not work their way loose due to the vibration of the unit itself. 

Application Instructions:

  1. Remove all debris from the swamp cooler pan (i.e. scaling, dirt and previous repairs)
  2. Use a standard wire brush to remove surface rust and additional scaling
  3. Vacuum loose debris from the evap cooler pan
  4. Paint a generous (but not sloppy) primer coat of  Dura-Rubber onto the surface of the pan – this can go directly over the rust that could not be removed with a wire brush
  5. Allow primer coat to dry to a “tack” (approximately 1-3 hours depending on temp & humidity)
  6. For areas where there are holes or penetrations – apply a wet coat of Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber and immediately embed the reinforcement cloth over holes, screws or around penetrations
  7. Apply a generous amount of Liquid Rubber onto the embedded reinforcement cloth – ensure it is fully saturated
  8. Allow product to dry (approximately 1-4 hours)
  9. Inspect all applications of reinforcement cloth to ensure there was no "lifting" or "separation" – if you notice where the cloth has lifted you’ll be able to press the coated cloth back to the surface (it will stick to itself)
  10. Apply a full coat of Dura-Rubberto the primed and reinforced swamp cooler pan – be generous with the coating, but not sloppy
  11. Allow t0 dry for 1-4 hours depending on temp / humidity
  12. Apply one additional full coat of RubberizeIt!™ Dura-Rubber– again, be generous with the coating but not sloppy
  13. Allow the membrane to cure for 24 – 48 hours – (dependent on temp & humidity) – before filling.

You now have a swamp cooler pan that will last for many years. The membrane will also make annual maintenance of your swamp cooler easier – as scaling is much easier to get off the coated cooler pan. The  Dura-Rubber membrane is non-toxic and has very little odor, so it is safe and easy to apply. 

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