Agricultural Industry Water Proofing Solutions – Dura-Rubber
Provides an environmentally-friendly solution to numerous agricultural projects including:
Liquid manure containment.
Corrosion protection for agricultural equipment and vehicle undercarriages.
Secondary waste containment.
Corrosion protection and waterproofing for greenhouse systems.
It can effectively prevent or stop corrosion from any metal surface. Therefore, it can assist with preserving the life of agricultural equipment by reducing the threat of rust.
It’s key performance points for the agricultural industry are:
Highly impervious to many chemicals and is UV resistant.
It will not deteriorate due to prolonged exposure water, or soil microbes.
It’s unique properties, when cured, enable it to be used effectively in standing water and continuously damp environments.
It contains no toxins and zero/low VOCs: It is environmentally-friendly and safe to plants, animals, and people.

Non-Toxic Wood Fence Post Coating
Several years ago, lumber treated with chromated copper arsenate (known as CCA) was considered the answer to applications where wood is exposed to the elements. With longer life than rot-resistant species like redwood, you could purchase it almost anywhere, and manufacturers said the treatment chemicals, though toxic, safely stayed put in the wood. The main plus for DIY'ers is the chemicals didn't harm plants, unlike creosote and pentachloro-phenol, two previously popular wood preservatives.

Without a non-toxic fence post treatment, people were forced to use pressure treated lumber for applications where the lumber is direct buried or exposed to the elements. By applying Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber (which are paintable) on non-treated lumber, you create a watertight seal which is also suitable for direct buried applications. Therefore, eliminating the need for pressure treated lumber. You can also apply to treated lumber to keep it from leaching.

What are you gaining by using a non-toxic fence post treatment?

In the pressure-treating process, lumber is sealed in a tank, and air is extracted, which creates a vacuum. Then a solution containing chromium, copper, and arsenic is added. Because of the vacuum, the chemicals are carried deep into the wood. All three chemicals are toxic, however, chromium and copper don't raise many concerns. It's arsenic that is worrisome.

In the photo we used non-toxic Dura-Rubber as a fence post treatment and apply it to untreated lumber to create a fence. We sealed the posts with Dura-Rubber and also coated the area of the post and rung where the two meet (to create a gasket). We then coated the tops of the posts as well as the tops of the rungs to prevent water ingress through the top surface. After all the Liquid Rubber had cured, we painted the fence with a charcoal exterior grade latex based fence & deck stain.

In addition to Agricultural  Dura-Rubber Liquid Rubber Coating Solutions work well with:

DIY Plywood Aquariums
Plasti Dip Your Car with Dura-Rubber 
Swimming Pools 
Horse Stalls