Under ground waterproofing with Rubberizeit Dura-Rubber

Construction  APPLICATIONS 

Roof applications with Dura-Rubber

You are no longer limited to a black roof. 
Dura-Rubber is available in over 1500 Classic Colors and is an excellent roof coating that is easy to use and provides a durable rubber roofing material that will extend the life of your roof and your maintenance dollars!

Foundation waterproofing with Dura-Rubber

And, unlike ANY OTHER waterproofing product, Dura-Rubber comes in 1500 colors.  In addition, it is easy to apply as has low VOC’s and you can clean up the product with soap and water before it dries.

Waterproofing building envelope with Dura-Rubber liquid rubber

Water is an essential resource and whether you need to store it or protect it Rubberize it, Dura-Rubber is the water and air-tight coating product that does it all. 

Foundation waterproofing with Dura-Rubber liquid rubber
Storm water protection with Dura-Rubber liquid rubber

Application of our liquid rubber roof material is simple – you can roll it on, brush it on or, for larger projects, spray it on using any airless sprayer. Dura-Rubber™ makes roof waterproofing easy and economical. Our rubber roof coating also saves the environment from the old-fashion torch-down roofs that get torn off and thrown into the landfill.

In addition to Construction  Dura-Rubber Liquid Rubber Coating Solutions work well with:

Lawn Furniture 
Shower Floors 
Koi Ponds