Dura-Rubber coated DIY foam pool/pond
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Dura-Rubber 1-Gallon
Dura-Rubber 1-Gallon

Dura-Rubber 1-Gallon



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Boat frame Rubberizeit Home build canvas boat using RubberizeitCanvas boat waterproofing Canvas boat using Rubberizeit Dura-rubber waterproofing Dave and his new DIY canvas boat Dave and his new DIY canvas boat Dave and his new DIY canvas boat

Larry's spray foam swimming pool. 

Larry is a professional pool builder and did not want to spend $50,000 or more to build a concrete pool so he built it out of closed cell spray foam. As you can see it was easy and inexpensive. He spent around $6,000. This would also work well for ponds and water features. It is also much safer than a concrete pool for children. 

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