Rubberizeit!™ Liquid Rubber Solutions for your Garden

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Dura-Rubber Liquid Rubber for Terracotta Flower Pots, Wood Garden Planters, Hydroponics, Aquaponics & Container Gardening

In normal circumstances you are supposed to winterize your terracotta flower pots before the first freeze! Moisture inside the clay can freeze and we all know that water expands when frozen – so the result is a terracotta flower pot that basically disintegrates by time spring comes. By coating the inside of your terracotta flower pot with Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber liquid rubber you can extend the life of your flower pot – it will help keep the moisture out of the clay and makes for easy winterizing – Remember – you should always raise your flower pots from the ground to prevent freezing to the ground and deterioration due to the pot sitting on a moist medium.

Container Gardening & Wooden Planter – Plant Safe Waterproofing

Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber allows you to turn just about any container into a garden planter! Have an old can or unique metal container? Old wooden box? Old clay pots or just looking to make your own wood garden planter – Rubberizeit!™ Liquid Rubber Coatings protect your garden containers for years to come!

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